I know it’s cliche but….

I love when you call me babe, or names that signify I’m yours in some way, even if I’m not.

I really love when you kiss my forehead, because it signifies that you care.

I love when you call me beautiful, and tell me you love me, because it shows you’re true. 

I love that you’ve never left after so many years, because it shows how much I mean to you. 

I wanna say I’m in love with you, but I can’t just yet.

As much as you’re the first person I’ve ever been with, he took so much out of me that I’m starting to regret.

Thank you for loving me the way you do, because you’re starting to heal me. 

And that in itself is more than I can ever expect. 

You’re real, you’re true, you’re apart of the reason I no longer dream of him, but you. 

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”

I never thought the day would come….

I Never thought the day would come when I would find myself loving another one.

To my best friend from day one, i’m not sure what we’ll become.

My love for you has become immense, a feeling i cannot seem to comprehend.

Though distance tries to pull us towards different paths, what we have seems to have no end.

All these restless nights, it’s only because we can’t seem to say goodbye.

Those glances that we share, none of it seems to be fair.

It’s surreal, that such feelings could be real.

I never truly thought that I could once again feel.

I never thought the day would come when I would find myself loving another one.

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”




I pray

 I wish you new that each and every morning I prayed for you.

I prayed for our love to never grow old,

I prayed that you would be there for me in my hardest times,

I prayed that you would never leave my arms.

I guess those prayers never made it through,

otherwise she wouldn’t be holding you.

As I stay up countless nights the tears seem to surpass all.

I pray that I could leave you behind,

I pray for a real love, where forever does truly lasts,

I pray that your happy with her,

because as much as you broke me, my love for you happens to outshadow all.

I pray.

I pray.

I pray.

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”



Forgiveness doesn’t seem possible

While I sit here and try to bring myself to say goodbye, a tear drips down my cheek 

Taking the pictures down, putting the letters away, and the recordings of you singing to me;

I’ve come to the realization that I’m never going to stop missing you, and you may have already stopped missing me. 

All because I don’t get any of those anymore. 

I love you way more than you could EVER deserve. 

And for some crazy reason, we were my own fairytale while it lasted. 

You’ve found some kind of mechanism to forget and regret. 

So congratulations, on forgetting the one person who loved you truly for you, and would’ve given everything to keep you.

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”


Was it all in my head?

All the things you said

Now I’m sitting here, waiting for a glance

To see if we will ever have one more chance

Reality is, you’re not gonna look at me any time soon, or say a word

I’ll quietly sit here, and think about what we could’ve been

While you play this game of hearts with another one of your victims.

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”


You are the cause for this discomfort

The only rationale of my belief in love so far

For an abrupt moment you were my “it”

But, I was misguided because

My “it” won’t cause discomfort like this

He will continue to share the warmth 

My “it” will stay no matter what he catches a glimpse of

All of these qualities, because my “it” won’t be you. 

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”

Game of Hearts

Your actions make me want to close my eyes 

They are poisonous to my mind and heart

I see you and all I want to do is scream

Scream at you for playing a game of hearts

Scream at them for laying their hands where mine are supposed to be

Scream at myself for allowing you to use me as a piece in your game

But in the end, I know

I didn’t lose the game

I simply lost a piece in the game that will one day be insignificant.


“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”

Bitter, sweet. Love.

 It all started with a love at first sight kind of feeling.

We couldn’t stop but stare, but both afraid to act.

We look into each other’s eyes and we kiss. A kiss filled with intensity and love.

We were just two strangers with an automatic passion for each other.

From that moment everything changed rapidly.

My life revolved around a stranger, but someone who filled my soul with a love I had never felt before.

I couldn’t stay away from you.

It was almost like a magnetic force that drew me in closer and closer.

When our eyes met it was as if my heart skipped a beat.

The way you looked at me, the way you spoke so softly, yet sweetly.

Each act drew me in.

We barely knew each other, but still we came together as one.

We spent endless time together, so happy.

So quickly everything changed.

Our love went from such a beautiful thing, to such a disastrous thing in no time.

How could I forget the one who I feel so deeply about?

How am I supposed to just forget those memories?

Am I supposed to just act as if I’m okay every single day?

Why do such horrible things happen to good people?

God gives us tests, because he knows what each individual can handle.

I guess this is mine.

This heartache I feel everyday, this is my test.

This is my test, because I am strong enough to overcome this.

“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”

Your love games….

 We were best friends who knew that was not the way it would end.

We both fell for one another at the opposite times.

There came a time where we both felt equal, but knew that complications would soon follow.

You told me you loved me and that nothing could break it.

But who were you to fake it.

You told me you would hold me and that you smiled when I smiled,

But who were you to lie.

You told me none compared to me and that I was the one you wanted,

But who were you to change.

You told me you never felt that way and that you would work for it,

But who was I to believe a word you said.

Your so good at your love games,

The ones where you charm a beautiful souls heart.

The ones where you make one fall in love with you,

But not the real you.

Who were you to leave me hanging, to leave me on the side.

To keep me in suspense, to move on to just another girl.

Who are you to play with our hearts?


“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”

Indelible Love

He has stars in his eyes, a sparkle in his smile.

His gaze keeps me up at night,

composing a feeling that in this terrible world,

I’m the light guiding him in his path.

My heart was unsealed, for his eyes only. Perhaps it was too exposed.

I find myself in the arms of my best friend, inconsolable.

He tears my heart apart day by day

unable to heal, realization hits.

The stars have departed, the sparkle has faded

the love has totally dissipated.

Three weeks go by,

dreams of some sort of contact nightly occurring.

Suddenly, I look up and our eyes meet

a smile forming on two young faces.

The sparkle is back,

The stars have reappeared

…or so I thought,

opening my eyes

and pulling myself out of my bed.


“All rights reserved (Copyright) 2016 Miriam and Morgan”